Letter from the President
April 2014
Volume 30 Issue 2


As our ski season draws to a close we can reflect on how it all went. From a snow point of view it was odd. Four really good dumps followed by weeks, and in the case of December-January, a month of no snow. However the late January into February storm produced nearly 10 feet of snow and some of the greatest skiing many of us have ever experienced. The social events, on the other hand, were met with great consistency and participation by the members. All of the events, Red Solo Cup, Pajama Day and Mardi Gras were the most attended in the history of the Club. The final week Beach Party was held in very unbeach like conditions so turnout was light but still spirited. The June Pot Luck and Annual Business Meeting is ahead of us and I am sure it will be met with the same level of enthusiasm . This year we also partnered with the Ski Area to make the senior ski and snow board clinics available to all Gray Wolf season ticket holders. Many took advantage of the clinics and really benefited from the experience.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Gray Wolf Ski Club. We will use the June Pot Luck and Annual Business Meeting scheduled for Wednesday June 18th, to celebrate this landmark occasion. We hope that some of the original members from 1984 will be able to celebrate with us. If you know any of those who might have been around 30 years ago, let them know to attend. In reviewing the club archives, over the last 30 years, it is obvious how the Club has served, as the initial spring board for many other clubs. From Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, Snow Shoeing, ATVing, Four Wheeling to name just a few. As clubs were formed to specifically address these other activities the Gray Wolf Club ceded these activities to the specialty clubs. We did however remain true to our core value of promoting skiing and socializing. With nearly 700 members this year, the club is bigger than it has ever been so even though our focus has narrowed over the years, the appeal of skiing and socializing remains as relevant as it was thirty years ago..

Our plan is to continue to provide the level of subsidized “freebies” as we have in the past. The theme lunches, the Tuesday drinks, the Summer Party, Tail Gate Party and Christmas Party. Our focus over the last few years has been to reinvest your dues in events for the members. We knew that we would deplete the clubs cash reserves by doing so. We are now at the point where those reserves have been worked down. At last year’s annual meeting it was decided that the club would not curtail funding for the social activities but rather increase the dues from $20.00 per couple to $25.00 per year. Individual membership at $15.00 would remain the same. This increase was voted on at the last Annual meeting and has gone into effect for this year’s dues At this year’s Annual Meeting in June we will also have several Board positions that will be coming up for election, so we would encourage you all to participate.

Lastly, though our season has wound down, we will continue to provide activities through the summer. The popular Gray Wolf Theater night at the Pagosa Center for the Arts will continue. There is an incredible series of performances on tap that should not be missed. This includes Reds, Les Miserables, Chorus Line, Beauty and the Beast, and Spelling Bee. The cast will again consist of national stage actors along with some local talent and original costuming from the Broadway and London productions. Also, in order to stay in touch during the “off” season we will be meeting informally at the Riff Raff Brewery every Tuesday at 3.00 pm or so. This allows members to take advantage of Riff Raff’s great Happy Hour prices for their own beer and appetizers. This informal gathering will start on May 27th and run through the Summer.

This year we lost several of our longstanding members who passed away. George Berkstresser, Mike Schneider and Jean Shah will be missed and our thoughts and condolences go out to their families.

I would like to thank my Board members for the incredible dedication and enthusiasm they bring to your club. They are a real joy to work with and have done so much to make it a great ski season. I look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Party and Annual Business Meeting on June 18th.




Gray Wolf Ski Club is a group of skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, 50 years of age and older, who are organized for socializing, downhill skiing, hiking, golf, and anything else that the members choose. We are centered around Wolf Creek Pass in SW Colorado; however, folks from all over the U.S.A. are welcome to join and participate. For more information click on About the Club.



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